About Us


At Customized Logistics, we use leading edge technology to power our multimodal shipping services and our managed logistics solutions and to equip our customers to make the best decisions for their businesses.  We match our customers’ needs to capacity in real-time making it possible to lower costs and drive efficiency and continuous improvement into the supply chain.

Customized Logistics works hard to serve our customers and improve the way that freight is moved from origin to destination.  Through a collaborative office environment, we work together to solve even the most difficult supply chain issues.  We welcome feedback from our peers and from our customers and encourage positivity and community throughout our organization.

Our Core Values

Our Customized Logistics Core Values are our fundamental beliefs that shape the way that we run our organization and make decisions.  They help us determine if we are on the right path to meet our goals as a company and as a supply chain industry leader.







Our Suite of Transportation Services Includes:

  • LTL
  • Truckload
  • Expedite
  • Intermodal Rail Shipping
  • International Air & Ocean Shipping
  • Parcel & Small Package Shipping

In addition, we offer managed logistics services to oversee your supply chain from beginning to end.  Contact us today to find out how we can add efficiency to your supply chain.

Giving Back

Customized Logistics Group is passionate about our core value of Positivity and believes that we must start today developing the leaders of tomorrow.  We are proud to partner with Fields & Futures. This organization has a positive impact on the young people of the Oklahoma City area that will last for generations to come.